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Award-winning IT entrepreneur, trail-blazing CIO to The Tiongson Group ( and KA&CO America ( and IT Manager to the Philippines Iconic Destileria Limtuaco Corporation, Joselito ‘Joel’ Tiongson believes in innovation. His progressive, out-of-the-box ideals have made him one of the youngest IT executives in the country. Joel, reached IT and MIS Management levels before he was 30-years old. A Dean's lister, he was recruited by an international companies out of college.



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Joselito “Joel” Tiongson

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TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS: Philippines | The phenomena that is leading the Republic of the Philippines to an all-new, unimaginable, global-level and into the 1st world.

Business and technology are inherently-linked to one another. As the Philippines Islands, emerge as one of the fastest-growing economies on the planet, Philippines-based companies no longer need to grow larger, they need to scale and expand their global marketplace and brand. The companies and entrepreneurs who are able to harness the power of foreign consumers, tourism and micro-investor demand, will soar.

The CIO is the hot-shot professional responsible for a company, venture or entrepreneurs’ technology-related strategies, development(s) and expansions. The CIO must successfully analyze how a venture, organization, or high-net worth individual must plan for future advancements and competitive advantages.

As CIO, must centralize their focus on the success of projects, programming and execution within the organization in an effort to advance the objectives of the stakeholders. A CIO sets the over-all direction for technology through strategic planning and evaluation. He or she provides data, leadership, training, seminars, insights, market trends, planning, oversight, strategic-implementation and management.

Including; but not limited to, server, voice and data communications, internal set-up, international technology and advancements, operation, financial and personnel technology, payment gateways, on-line sales and marketing platforms, recruitment, hiring, salary and departmental assessment, user-training, inter-company and global user support, oversight and IT security systems.

The CIO, is also responsible for the coordination and development of information technology activities, ventures and services, as well as the leadership of the IT team(s). In this capacity, they must also, establish and manage department budgets, evaluating existing and overall information and technology operations, oversee the design and implementation of new applications, and execute changes/upgrades to the existing ones as needed.

In addition, evaluating and procuring new hardware (such as servers, laptops, desktops, CTV cameras and systems), software and talent to reach the goals of the organization and/or venture. Often times, review of vendor agreements and contracts; such as hosting and server vendor agreements, are also part of the CIO functions.

Lastly, ISO Certification, International Standardization, Auditing, bar coding, payroll, (ISS) Information Systems Security is another rapidly-growing area of the CIO’s needed expertise; both internal, external and shrinkage prevention.

As more and more Philippines-based enterprises and individuals find themselves onto an entirely new, multi-national, global and fast-passed level, they will need to keep-up with technology and systems. As need ways to generate revenue increase -such as, new innovations such as POS Systems and On-Line Payment Gateways- so will the methods in which revenue can be lost.

Therefore, the CIO works directly with the CEO and/or The Board of Directors, as well as the CMO, CFO and CLO. The CIO subsequently, is a key-member of the Executive Team, from developing new revenue streams, checks-and-balances systems, cost-advantages in streamlining, loss-prevention and reporting.

THINK GLOBAL |Joselito “Joel” Tiongson, CIO

Award-winning IT entrepreneur, trail-blazing CIO to The Tiongson Group ( and KA&CO America ( and IT Manager to the Philippines Iconic Destileria Limtuaco & Co. Inc., Joselito ‘Joel’ Tiongson believes in innovation. His progressive, out-of-the-box ideals have positioned him as one of the youngest IT executives in the country. Joel, reached IT and MIS Management levels before he was 30-years old. A Dean's Lister, he was recruited by an international companies out of college.

The future of the Philippines continued-success lies in its ability to educate, train and empower thousands of new creatives in the tech, MIS, design, web, infrastructure, engineering and management systems. At the age of 33, Tiongson developed the Philippines first international, on-line purchasing and distribution platform for the country’s oldest liquor manufacturing company. He created, a streamlined, customer-focused on-line business model, which re-defined liquor ‘sales and distribution’ strategies for the entire country; while taking authentic Philippine-liquors to an all-new global market.

That same year, working with American consultancy KA&CO, he re-vamped the entire business model for the countries first and only internationally distributed, complimentary promotional magazine; on-line, in-print, digital APP and website showcase ( Facilitated the link between America and Asia’s largest on-line news stand, with 20-million subscribers; producing the Philippines first digital tourism, investment and lifestyle magazine APP (

Simultaneously, he created one of the country’s first on-line beauty and wellness boutiques (, and co-developed the branding, image and debut of a former Suzuki Executive, who transformed into one of the Philippines first John Maxwell America Trained corporate executive speakers (, as well as countless international branding and business development ventures.

Joel Tiongson, now possesses a diverse dossier of international ventures which has taken him beyond the office, and into the social circles of diplomats, entrepreneurs and celebrities: such as, US Ambassador Harry Thomas, US Executive Publisher, show host and serial-entrepreneur Kareem Antonio-Jackson, as well as local celebrities and local Executives;. Then in 2014, he launched the countries first on-line showcase, booking and payment website for the Philippines tattoo industry –over 500 artists and shops are represented on his platforms. Joel believes in toned to give-back. He is a Philanthropist, who volunteers more than 100 hours a year, he is also an American Football Camp Coach; with the US Empower 2 Play NFP Organization ( as part of the Annual Camp AK Philippines, working with the US Embassy, Empowering Brilliant Minds, Ask Coach AK and other organizations. Together they hosts over 300 children, provide more than 2,500 meals, school supplies, scholarships and mentoring for under-privileged children in the Philippines.

2015 Phil Info TECH Magazines’ 40 Under 40 Award-Winner | Joel Tiongson is a strategic creator, team player, passionate leader and a highly-recommended chief information partner and/or officer. “Think Global.”

“In today's fast-paced business world, innovations happen each and every day. Therefore, if you are not moving forward, then, you are moving backwards.”



by Joselito “Joel“ Tiongson

We took a look at the vast success of the United States Data Industry and it revealed many parallels to the new Philippines. As our economy moves forward, new opportunities will continue to emerge. Igniting an entrepreneurial renaissance here in the Philippines.

When you think of ‘Mega Markets’ or ‘Emerging Economies,’ often images of sharp executives, visionary entrepreneurs and the millions of goober-consumers who will make it all happen come to mind. But, not many people see the behind-thescenes, ever-expanding systems and virtual infrastructures that are required to keep it all moving along smoothly.

The Philippine Renaissance, will undoubtedly demand millions of IT professionals, suppliers and innovators. With millions –and millions- of new and expanding businesses in the Philippines, there is an obvious surge in the demand for everything from graphics designers, to website developers and systems developers. And, it won’t be very long before the trickle of ‘international demand’ for Philippines based talent turns into a monsoon, flooding the country with 3-times the business from foreign entrepreneurs and companies looking for more value for their dollar, yen, euro, pound or franc.

The years ahead will present either rewards or challenges for many CIOs in the Philippines. As, the economy advances and expands, the talents and background needed to succeed in the Information and Data Industry will automatically do the same. Innovation, will be the driving force, it will be what the new market demands from the entrepreneurs who’s businesses they choose to patron

Companies in the Philippines, are looking for IT professionals who can connect and automate their businesses. No longer is the ‘Tech Guy’ downstairs in some cramped, dingy, tiny office, now, he’s (or she’s) the IT Manager, the CIO, a Partner, and works directly with the CEO to execute the vision and reach the goals of the company. Entrepreneurs and corporate executives are realizing that the right IT Manager and/or CIO can actually redefine and scale their business. Just as US-based companies and small businesses began to realize in the late 90’s, many companies in the Philippines are realizing that their websites, IT developments and on-line customers are an entirely new business to add to their portfolios. They enjoy, previously, unrealized revenue streams, new consumer markets and a more informed customer base.

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Data and Program Management

demands will rise, but the talent pool will be shallow.
In the Philippines, where the GNP grows about 10% annually: and existing companies like Hooters America/Asia, make plans to launch multiple locations in the Philippines over the next few years. The need for Information Professionals will rise, but the enrollment of qualified and passionate IT Professionals at universities is lower than the expected demand.


The development and implementation

of collaborative systems and software solu-tions

will be essential to companies hoping to succeed.
In a country like the Philippines, where many innovations and customers are ‘imported’ from abroad, and operations teams can be many miles apart, the need for real-time connectivity is high. The ability to share data between, customers, Sales, Distribution, Collections and Management in real-time will be the difference between success and failure.


Entirely new customers will

abound for companies

who are tech-ready..
If we look at the hotel and hospitality industry as a case study: the effects of good technology used effectively are obvious. When 50% of your customers compare you with the competition, then book or ‘buy’ on-line, pay in advance and even rate their experiences on-line, you see the value of technology and the professionals who develop and manage it for you. Soon, most PH-based businesses will need the same enhancements to their technology base.


A new more ‘liquid’

approach to operations

will need to be adopted by companies who in- tend to grow their client base.
The customer is always right. Aren’t they? Well, as the competition in the Philippines grows, as will the expectations of the consumers. Therefore, companies who plan to succeed in this new market will need to flow with their clients. The acceptance of mass-market communication, the ‘Gate Keepers’ and barriers imposed on customers will be a turn-off.


No longer can

IT and ‘the business’

be separate.
Companies are realizing that IT is a business, and their websites, technology and information is just as valuable as their brick-and-mortar locations. Many enterprises are finding that their technology has doubled their sales, and cut their costs of delivery in half.


IT Managers and CIOs the like

will grow in value as intellectual property

values soar.
As the ‘Tech Guy’ turns into the IT Manager and then, into the CIO, his value to the company grows exponentially as well. Who else knows the plan, the system, and the execution? How do we place a value on it? Many companies lose their data, websites and access when they lose –or ditch- their IT professional(s).


IT Managers and CIOs will be required to

Ishow a scalable, quantifiable plan

which can be effectively measured to determine the advantages to the businesses overall success.
It use-to-be that an IT Manager or CIO was hired based from their school of study and/or their family referral, but, now that systems and websites need to ‘work’ not just exist, companies will require their tech hires and partners to add true value to the business model.


Just as in the United States,

the young and hip IT guru

will be the commodity, as the older, class-room educated IT professionals fall behind.
Bill Gates rocked the world with his technology and innovations, but what he actually did was abolish the myth that age matters in technology. While in college –which he eventually dropped-out of- he launched his QDOS System on the world. Not many know, that the system (Quick and Dirty Operating System) was a solution for a larger and much older tech company. As a ‘kid’ Bill Gates was just faster to the market launch.


The market-centric and client savvy

IT professionals

will replace the old-school managers.
As tech professionals become more entrenched with the ‘business,’ their need to know the market will be required. Consumers buy from who they trust and who makes it easy and convenient. Therefore, businesses with customer focused technology solutions and staff will do much better than those who do not.


Entrepreneurs will

seek professionals with proven-success,

published works and a verifiable track record.
It use-to be that you’d go to college to gain your tech education and degree, and then, you would get a job to apply it into the real world. Now, with 4th graders using IPads and learning how to set-up a desktop, companies expect a more hands-on, established and successful ‘new hire’ when they recruit.

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